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The company has the power, pressure resistance, shock resistance tester, vibration table, tumbling test machine of drum, adjusting test device, spring hammer, power line tension and torsion test machine conventional testing equipment. Used for testing the basic electrical, safety requirements and mechanical strength of various controllers and lamps.


Electromagnetic compatibility test room:

It has shielding rooms in accordance with IEC/EN/GB requirements, EMI detection system of R&S, PM6000 harmonic detection system and EMS detection equipment of kikuchi. Used to test various types of electronic controller, electronic lamps and other lighting equipment, household appliances, electric tools and other kinds of electronic products work out of harmonic current generated by the electromagnetic disturbance quantity and quantity conformed to the standard requirements, and all kinds of lighting lamps and lanterns, household appliances and other products to use the environment electromagnetic disturbance degree of anti-jamming.

Luminaire spatial light distribution laboratory:

Equipment: g0-r5000 luminaire spatial distribution luminosity and spectrum detection system; Has the following test functions: light, light intensity data, effective luminous intensity distribution curve Angle, beam Angle, total flux, on the efficiency of lamps and lanterns, regional luminous flux, luminous flux, luminous flux, luminance distribution, utilization coefficient, brightness, UGR unified glare value, maximum limit curve than allow distance, lamps and lanterns of curves, such as illumination map, such as light intensity map, effective curve, the average illuminance on the spatial spectral distribution, space, color distribution, spatial non-uniformity, and the spatial intensity distribution of lamps and lanterns, etc. The maximum size of the lamp under test is 1.5m.

NVLAP certification is a certification level testing system approved by many U.S. energy star certification laboratories. Fully meet GB/T 24824-2009 and us IESNA lm-79 test requirements

Go-r5000 has the advantages of absolute stability, extremely fast measuring speed, the highest measuring accuracy of the total luminous flux of lamp and light source, flexible configuration, multi-field multi-function measurement, extremely wide dynamic range, extremely low stray light, extremely high Angle accuracy and space saving.

Photobiosafety laboratory:

It has dark room, uv - visible - infrared light spectrum analyzer, retinal radiation luminance meter, illuminometer and spectrum radiometer which meet the IEC/EN/GB standard

Quasi-modulation system; Used for detecting photochemical, near-ultraviolet, infrared hazard and thermal radiation hazard of skin and eyes, retinal thermal hazard and blue ray radiation hazard of LED module devices, lighting source, lighting lamp, signal lamp, safety lamp and non-lighting source.

Detection room of electric light source:

Equipment: 0.5m, 2m integrating sphere spectrum detection system, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer; Used for detecting light source, LED bulb lamp, projection lamp, self-ballast fluorescent lamp, etc

Photoelectric parameters such as luminous flux, color temperature, etc.

Waterproof and dustproof laboratory:

Equipment: vertical raindrop test device, pendulum rain test device, water spray test device, lamp anti-immersion test device, pressurized water tight lamp test device, salt spray test equipment, xenon lamp weather resistance test equipment; Used to test the sealing degree of the external structure of the lamp in the severe weather environment of rain, water spraying and water immersion; The degree of anti-corrosion after treatment of metal shell and fittings of lamps and lanterns; It simulates the aging and fading degree of various lamps and lanterns, such as paint layer, coating, plastics, aluminum plastic plate and automobile safety glass under the sun and rain.

Equipment owned: dust test box, air pressure test stand; Test the dust - proof class of lamp: IP5x and IP6x. The shell of the luminaire is close to the dangerous part, prevents the solid foreign body to enter the degree, prevents the human finger or the back of the hand to touch the live part, the dielectric property of the luminaire and the anti-pressure wind ability of the outdoor luminaire.

Reliability laboratory

Equipment: walk-in, vertical cabinet type constant temperature and humidity condition box, pressure resistance, insulation resistance, ground resistance and leakage current tester; It is mainly used to test whether the insulation degree between the accessible parts and metal electric parts and between different polarity and the quantity of leakage current of the lamp, light source and controller (at 98% humidity) meet the safety requirements.

Material laboratory:

Equipment: plastic quick molding machine, needle flame, hot wire, anti-leakage trace, ball pressure, constant temperature air drying box and other equipment and cardboard side pressure strength, testing apparatus for breaking; To test the reduction of heat resistance of plastic materials; The simulation technology is used to evaluate the spread degree of abnormal combustion of electrical components in lamps, and the compressive strength and breaking resistance of packaging materials.

Electroaging laboratory:

Have the lamp, light source and controller such as durability, aging and switch life automatic detection system; Used for testing the aging, durability and switching life of all kinds of lamps, controllers and light sources.

Electronic performance temperature detector

Equipment: digital storage oscilloscope, high-precision power meter, thermal protection controller test box, precision digital bridge; Used to measure the safety and performance indexes of energy saving lamp, LED lamp, electronic ballast, transformer, LED drive power and other electronic products, as well as the performance parameters of electrical resistance, capacitance and inductance electronic devices

Equipment: standard wind shield and Japan yokogawa MX100 temperature change detection system; It is mainly used for testing the highest temperature of each part under the standard required voltage for lamps, controllers and so on. It can monitor the dynamic curve of 60 temperature measurement points and accurately reflect whether the temperature rise data of each part meets the safety standard

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