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CE testing the types of certification products and the data needed for CE testing and certification

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CE testing the types of certification products and the data needed for CE testing and certification

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What are the types of CE certified products?

CE testing certification we all know is a product exported to the EU to do a mandatory certification, then all products need to be certified for CE testing, let's take a look at CE testing certification product types have what?


* mechanical products: agricultural and food machinery: conveyor, flour mill, packing machine, etc.

* handheld machinery: hand-held polisher, hand wheel, etc.

* mobile operation machinery: bulldozers, rollers, excavators, etc.

* lifting appliances: lifts, hoists, cranes, etc.

* underground operation machinery: shearer, roadheader, pile driver and so on.

* electric tools and machine tools for Woodworking: scraper, electric milling, polishing machine, etc.

* low voltage electrical products.

* Household appliances: vacuum cleaners, electric irons, dishwashers, electric cookers, washing machines, electric shavers, electric curlers, microwave ovens, electric sweepers, electric fans, TV sets, video recorders, VCDs, stereos, etc.

* Industrial electrical appliances: uninterruptible power supply, regulated power supply, closed-circuit television monitoring and alarm system, lamp light source, etc.

* personal protective equipment: rubber gloves, sunglasses, wind shields and so on.

* simple medical devices: presbyopic glasses, medical stretchers, scalpel and so on.

What information do we need for CE authentication?

1, manufacturer's name and address

2. Name, type and product description of the product.

3, product circuit schematic diagram, block diagram and circuit diagram, etc.

4. List of key components or raw materials

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