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About the scope and form of CE authentication

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About the scope and form of CE authentication

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EU CE testing and certification

CE certification is compulsory in the European market. If the products under CE test certification want to circulate freely in the European market, the "CE" sign must be affixed to show that the products meet the basic safety requirements of the relevant EU directives. CE test certification has been widely recognized in other regions besides the European Union market. Even some countries and regions outside the European Union regard CE test certification as one of their national certification requirements.

What products can be added with CE logo?

Generally, products certified by CE testing need to be affixed with CE logo, CE logo needs to be clearly affixed on the nameplate, but because the size of the product is too small can also be affixed to the product packaging.

Which products can apply for CE certification?

Currently CE product instructions have been revised, but CE testing certification covers a broad range of electrical, mechanical, toy, radio and telecommunications terminal equipment, refrigeration and refrigeration equipment, personal protection equipment, simple pressure vessels, hot water boilers, pressure equipment, civil explosives, pleasure boats. Building products, lifting equipment, gas equipment, non-automatic weighing apparatus, equipment and protection system used in explosive environment.


The above categories actually correspond to different EU guidelines or regulations, such as MD Directive, EMC Directive, LVD Directive, PPE Directive, MDD Directive, PED Directive, etc.

Why are there different forms of CE certification marks? What are its authentication modes?

We often see some CEs with four digits behind them, some do not, which is mainly due to CE detection authentication mode is different, CE detection authentication mode can be divided into the following nine ways, they are:

Module A: internal production control

Mode A: internal production control (self declaration).

Module Aa: intervention of a Notified Body

Mode Aa: internal production control plus third party testing.

Module B: EC Type-examination

Mode B: EC type test.

Module C: conformity to type

The pattern C: is in conformity with the pattern.

Module D: production quality assurance

Mode D: production quality assurance.

Module E: product quality assurance

Mode E: product quality assurance.

Module F: product verification

Mode F: product validation.

Module G: unit verification

Mode G: unit validation.

Module H: full quality assurance

Mode H: total quality assurance.

Does CE verify that the quality is qualified?

CE inspection and certification is the basic safety certification requirements, it only means that the product will not cause adverse effects and harm to people or the environment when used, but it does not mean the quality of products. At present, the basic principle of government compulsory certification is only to consider product safety, energy efficiency, environmental protection and so on. Product quality itself is decided by the market.

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