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Li Zhongjuan, one of the industry coordinative departments of the national development and Reform Commission, visited Zhongshan China Standard for testing and research.

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Li Zhongjuan, one of the industry coordinative departments of the national development and Reform Commission, visited Zhongshan China Standard for testing and research.

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Peng Zhaofu (right), general manager of Huabiao Inspection, introduced photoelectric testing to Li Zhongjuan (left), deputy inspector of the Industrial Coordination Department of the National Development and Reform Commission

On the afternoon of November 15, Li Zhongjuan, deputy inspector of the Industrial Coordination Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, and her party came to Huabiao to inspect and investigate the construction of public service platform for lighting products, accompanied by the leadership of the Zhongshan Municipal Government, the leadership of the Zhongshan Development and Reform Bureau and the leaders of relevant units.


Li Zhongjuan, a deputy inspector of the industry coordination department of the national development and Reform Commission (right), visited the China standard testing laboratory.

Subsequently, Li Zhongjuan's deputy inspector and his team first heard about the construction of the public service platform project by Peng Zhaofu, general manager of Huabiao Inspection. Peng Zhaofu, General Manager of Huabiao Inspection, introduced the public service platforms approved by the government of Huabiao, including "Zhongshan New R&D Institution in 2015", "Zhongshan Development and Reform Bureau as Zhongshan New Business Enterprise in Service Industry", "China WTO/BTB-SPS National Notice Consulting Center", "Guangdong Public Service for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2017". Technical service demonstration platform, "2017 major academic exchange Chile TBT standard evaluation".


▲Peng introduced the luminosity distribution test of lamps and lanterns to leaders.

Peng Zhaofu briefed Li Zhongjuan and his team on the operation of Huabiao Lighting Inspection Laboratory. Peng Zhaofu said: "It is suggested that governments at all levels should pay more attention to the living environment of private public service platforms. In the future, if the government can separate the legal inspection items and entrusted service items of various national laboratories, the legal inspection units will not. Allow entrusted projects, so that private service platforms and state illegal inspection units compete on the same platform, private public service platforms will be like fish in water, the ultimate benefit will be lighting enterprises. In addition, Zhongshan is a demonstration area, if the CCC can also be open to private enterprises, the government policy can really support private laboratories, will give birth to more private public service platforms like mushrooms.


▲Conducting in-depth exchanges on public service platforms

Subsequently, the deputy inspector Li Zhongjuan and his team visited the Huabiao Inspection Laboratory to get a thorough understanding of the daily supervision and hardware construction of Huabiao Inspection, and exchanged in-depth with General Peng on the implementation of strengthening the public service platform for lighting products, thus enriching the experience and effectiveness of Huabiao Inspection in the development of public services. It also calls for the extension of life service projects and the acceleration of new product testing projects (such as intelligent lighting, biological lighting, etc.) to make positive contributions to the economic development of the lighting industry in Zhongshan.


Peng reported the test data and process to Li Zhongjuan's deputy inspector.

It is understood that since Mr. Peng Zhaofu organized a team to establish in 2008, Huabiao testing has been following the policy of "impartial, scientific, accurate and efficient", constantly innovating and improving. It is a third party testing and certification institution that has been focusing on lighting product testing and certification for 10 years. I have participated in the compilation of the national TBT standard meeting and the five national standards. Current service features are: lighting product design confirmation, quality analysis, technical training, product certification (3C, CQC, CE, CB, UL, TUV, GS, ETL, SAA, SASO, BIS and so on global certification), optical testing, reliability testing, safety testing, EMC testing, etc. There are more than 460 testing standards involved in the field of IEC - international, EU - EN, Australian - SAA, American regulation - UL, GB - GB five categories.


▲Peng introduced the Chinese standard lab.

"We take this valuable opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to the government departments and industry colleagues for their concern and support all the time," he concluded. And the implementation of the implementation of the leadership for the Huabiao research and guidance program, strive for the lamps and lanterns technology, research and development and public service platform for the detection of lamps and lanterns to a higher level!


Zhongshan service industry new format enterprise, China WTO/BTB-SPS National Advisory Center

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